this is a blog dedicated to the charming harvey specter and his beloved puppy mike ross from usa network's suits.

here you will find graphics of the two very heterosexual lawyers, fic recs, plenty of flailing, and everything else that comes with being obsessed.

general note: all new posts will be reblogged starting at 2 a.m. est. i will tag said posts with 'spoilers' for 24 hours after the episode has aired. after that, this will not be a spoiler-free blog.

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unorthodoxoccurances whispered, "harvey has the look in the last gift like hes gonna fuck mike so hard he has to take a week off from work"

y e s

Mississippi Burning reference.


3.02 // 4.08

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All I am anymore to you is a clean set of sheets.
Speaking of which, you might want to up the thread count.

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Let’s get things back to normal

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